Pris: 632 000 kr

Storebr0 - Havsörnen 2 - 1966

It is with great pride that we present for sale the Galathea - Havsörnen II / Sea Eagle II, a storied 34-foot yacht that is a testament to maritime heritage and Swedish craftsmanship.

Price: 55 000 euros (ca. 632 000 SEK)

During the summer of 2024, the boat will sail in the archipelago of Finland and Sweden. It is also possible to get help when moving the boat to a new location. The boat will be lifted up to the winter dock at the end of September.

Enderlein’s old boat

This stunning piece of history was crafted between 1964 and 1968 by Storebro Bruks AB, with only approximately 70 boats produced. Galathea was the 11th vessel in the series, delivered from the Storebro shipyard in 1966 and built upon a direct request by none other than its designer, the legendary Swedish yachtsman Olle Enderlein.

With an illustrious past, including a victorious history in racing - particularly prominent in the Gotland Runt open sea competition - Golathea bears the distinction and pedigree of a champion, having achieved several acclaimed positions and the prestigious Lidingö Pokal.

The yacht's rich history is complemented by its construction, with a Honduras mahogany hull, accompanied by oak frames enhanced by metal framing and a teak deck that was entirely rebuilt in 2021. Its sleek design is instantly recognizable, boasting a spacious mahogany cockpit designed to comfortably host six for dinner, and a well- appointed interior that exudes both comfort and tradition.

With a storied history of only five owners and a life that has voyaged from Sweden to its present location in Finland, Galathea calls to those who hold an appreciation for nautical tradition and the silent grace of wooden sailboats. A detailed restoration history accompanies the yacht, ensuring its next steward will appreciate the touch of history they are set to navigate.

For the sailing connoisseur keen on reliving the grandeur of yesteryears. Galathea presents not just a yacht, but a legacy to carry forward.

Contact us now to inquire about this exquisite classic sailboat and to experience its timeless elegance firsthand.

Enderlein's mahogany racer

Between the years of 1964 and 1968, Storebro Bruks AB in Sweden produced around 70 of the distinguished Havsörnen II class sailboats. Golathea, completed in 1966, was the eleventh yacht in this prestigious line.

Admired for her sleek and graceful design, Galathea is distinguished by a long saloon set beneath a roof adorned with four windows and three distinctive Dorade vents. Her elegant stern tapers sharply near the rudder, while her robust, slanted bow projects strength and seaworthiness.

The vessel's hull, carvel-constructed from Honduras mahogany, is complemented by oak keel timbers and bows, with a teak deck laid atop a mahogany plywood subdeck. A well-designed long fin keel provides stability for confident sailing. deriving its primary support from near the mast's base.

The Galathea bears a storied past, initially commissioned by her illustrious designer, Olle Enderlein - Sweden's most iconic and prolific yacht designer. Enderlein himself piloted the yacht from 1967 to 1968, primarily using her as a racing vessel, and even integrated some custom features to enhance her competitiveness. She boasts a higher-than- typical mast, fortified by special steel supports at the junction between the mast and the deck, along with additional ballast to strengthen her keel.

In 1966, under Enderlein's adept hand. Galathea triumphed in the renowned Royal Ocean Racing Club's Class III, also claiming victory in the celebrated Lidingö Runt race, securing the esteemed Lidingö Pokal for her skipper.

Since its time with Enderlein, Galathea has been cherished by four subsequent owners. Having once been a fixture in Swedish waters, she voyaged to her current berth in Finland in 2011, ready to write the next chapter in her venerable history.

During the summer of 2024, the boat will sail in the archipelago of Finland and Sweden. It is also possible to get help when moving the boat to a new location. The boat will be lifted up to the winter dock at the end of September.

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